Supplementary Materials

The materials contained on this website are intended to supplement the WHO KNOWS ONE video series, to provide further background and context, and to stimulate further discussion. Along with the videos, these materials can be used to form the core of a curriculum on Jewish theology and belief.

The materials include:

  • a glossary of relevant Hebrew, Yiddish and Aramaic terms,
  • outlines of the philosophical arguments for God’s existence and their refutations,
  • Biblical, Talmudic and Midrashic source materials relating to the topics covered in the WHO KNOWS ONE video series (as well as some topics for further exploration),
  • questions for discussion relating to the topics covered in WHO KNOWS ONE (as well as some topics for further exploration), and
  • biographies of the participants in WHO KNOWS ONE.

These materials are by no means comprehensive and many more terms, arguments, sources and questions exist. In fact, every part of the Torah, both oral and written, could arguably fall into some category related to WHO KNOWS ONE. The producer endeavored to gather materials that would show the breadth and significance of these concepts in Judaism, but countless other sources would no doubt enlighten the user and enhance the discussion. It is nonetheless the producer’s hope that these materials will provide a starting point for exploration and that they will facilitate open and thoughtful conversation.

Supplementary materials are available to registered purchasers only, and are identical to those found on the CD-ROM in the WHO KNOWS ONE package. Contact for login information.

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